Detailed Timeline
29 May -m ARCH ... image=MYSYSTEM works, with some form of configuration file.
CompactFlash, ISO and tgz files are created
The goal here is make sure that I have the and Makefile machinery working. The images will be unconfigured images of the base+etc install sets. Nothing fancy at all. It might not even use syspkgs yet.
5 June
syspkgs is now use to construct the image and arbitrary prebuilt packages can be included in the image. The configuration file is slightly more complicated now. Package dependencies are automatically followed at image build time.
12 June
Get cloop2 up and running with root on cloop2 being autoconfigured the same way that root on raidframe works.
19 June
Finish merging any common code between the cloop2 autoconfigure and the raidframe autoconfigure. Most of the code will be common and should be shared.
Build a number of sample image configurations that don't do much except provide an indication of what features we can fit into cloop2 compressed images of various sizes.
26 June
Build the code that allows simple custom packages to be built without resorting to pkgsrc and provide some examples.
3 July
Add support for NFS exported roots and RAM disks attached to the end of the kernel. Before this point, I'll just untar the tgz file into and NFS exported root for testing. Add support for flash images that don't have partition tables.
10 July
mid term eval about here, so catch up on all the bits I've forgotten or glossed over.
17 July
Implement the callout that will allow i386 users to build pkgsrc packages on the fly.
24 July
Build the sample mechanism(s) for avoiding writes to Flash and storing configuration changes to non-volatile storage.
31 July
Halfway through building a real-world configuration for David Young's CUWiN routers. I will have a Soekris net5501 and net4501 to test on provided by VUW.
7 August
Finished building a real-world configuration for David Young's CUWiN routers.
14 August
All code finished, documentation completed, pigs fed and ready to fly
21 August
All done now. Get drunk. Fall down.